In 2012, German Designer MATTHIAS LEHNER was invited for a three-month design workshop, hosted by VISTA ALEGRE, the oldest porcelain manufacturer in Portugal. During this stay he was cached by the remarkable level of craftsmanship, supported by the historical background and the cordial people of Portugal.Two years later, after winning a design competition, initiated by the huge furniture industry of northern Portugal, he met local manufacturer GUAL, which soon resulted in cooperation for a new furniture project. In early 2015, GUAL and MATTHIAS LEHNER joined forces to initiate a design collection, intended to catch the attention of central Europe, especially the DACH region.



The vision of a new brand was driven by the combination of Portuguese heritage and a "New Nordic" design language.The designs are inspired by Portugal’s cultural heritage and handcrafting skills. O CÉU creates unique pieces for people who share their passion for quality and design. End of 2015, the brand agency SANMIGUEL joined the team, responsible for brand strategy and communication design. Based in Munich, HANS ALBU SANMIGUEL and MATTHIAS LEHNER operate the creative task fields of the brand. GUALTER TORRES, owner of the furniture brand GUAL, based in Paredes, is taking care of production, logistic and sales.



After a first presentation at the SALONE DEL MOBILE 2016 there are ambitious plans to develop the brand. The first customer deliveries will be in August 2016. Beside the B2B sales by GUAL, there are plans for an O CÉU online shop for B2C customers before the end of 2016. MATTHIAS LEHNER will lead the Creative Direction, developing annual collections, but also recruit new designers, to enlarge the brands product range. The cooperation with other Portuguese brands, as well as the development of an own showroom in Munich, will be one of the goals for 2017.