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Suggestions on minimalist desks

O Céu – Pico

Photo: Courtesy of O Céu

Pico is another reminiscence of old school desks. It is composed of two flipping pieces: a table top and an angled flap. The flipping table top means you can store your things after finishing work leaving a neat look. The angled flap is there as a handy support for smart devices or books, but you can also lift it for easier storage of all cables and gadgets. To ensure comfort while writing (yes, some people do still write), the table top is covered in linoleum. Several finishes are available.

To buy, contact Cristina through 


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Five bookshelves, made in Portugal

The minimalist: Layer by O CÉU


O CÉU is the new kid on the block. The brand was founded in 2016 by the portuguese GUAL and designed by the german designer Matthias Lehner, who fell in love with Portugal some years ago.  O CÉU pays hommage to the portuguese heritage while keeping a pared-down and minimalist aesthetic. In their world, you will find pieces tailored to our daily life, while discovering an imaginary of tiles, stone mosaics, swallows or sardines.

Layer has a light and almost industrial feel due to its shifted layers of wood and tiles and its metal structure. You can fill it and play with the open shelves as some sort of negative space, or leave it empty and let the hand-painted tiles shine.

Layer is proposed in two heights (180cm or 80 cm) and can be bought directly at sales@o-ceu.com. An online store is in the making.


Read the article at https://portuguesehomeware.wordpress.com/2016/08/19/five-bookshelves-made-in-portugal/